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Most of last week, Pokemon TCG Online was under maintenance only to return with a massive update for the TCGO desktop client. Some of these updates were familiar to old players while others have never been seen before. Below are highlights of the update.

One of the most long awaited features to be included was ability to battle against other players in the Pokemon TCG Online desktop client. The head-to-head battling was removed from Pokemon TCGO when the game went from browser to desktop client. This will be the first time it has been integrated into the Pokemon TCGO desktop client. One of the main differences between this incarnation and the previous is the ability to have battles against friends. This could make it easier people to search out a specific person to battle to help play test new decks.

Also available in this update to the Pokemon TCGO client was the ability to redeem codes within the program. Users will be able to redeem their the codes from their boosters to gain booster points for both Dragon Exalted and Dark Explorers. Both sets were unavailable prior to the massive update. Players must manually type in their codes to redeem them. At the time of this writing, the QR reader is not available for use.


Another thing included in the update was the Deck Builder function. This feature will now allow players to gain access to their collections to build their decks. The decks that they made in the browser base game are unavailable so decks will have to be build from scratch.

The Pokemon TCGO desktop client is close to having all the same functions that the browser base game previously had. One of the biggest features it is still missing is the ability to trade cards between players. The feature is suppose to be coming soon. Another thing missing is a Mac version of the client. It is suppose to be release later this year. Also, some cards are glitched but many of the previously glitched cards from the browser based game have been fixed.

This update brought back many things that Pokemon TCGO users wanted. It is just in time for Battle Roads as it gives players another way to play test their decks before the month long even.

Images from KwandaoRen66‘s YouTube channel.

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