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Host: CM


Description: Darkness is spreading across the land of Aloria, threatening to consume all. A few brave adventurers must step up and defend the world from this evil. Whether or not they succeed or fail all depends on how the dice rolls.


Additional Comments: This RP is based on the fundamentals of Dungeons & Dragons, so a dice roll factor will be in place. This style of RP I find is great for all ages and levels of roleplay experience, and hope that those new and old to RPing will join, gain experience, and ultimately have fun.


Please note that a just because this RP is full doesn’t mean you cannot take part in the events. There will be a chance for roleplayers to sign up as NPCs if they chose. For more information, please inquire in the SU/DS thread!

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Tags: Pokémon, D&D, adventure, fantasy, dice

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