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I have my cereal, a cup of orange juice, and cartoons are on. It feels almost like a Saturday morning. Thinking about old cartoons brought to mind something that has popped into conversation before. Does anyone else think it’s time for Ash to move on?

Although, I don’t really think it’s the fact that he is the boy who never grows up anymore. To me, the problem is that the show’s formula has not changed. This is most likely because the creators want to keep refreshing the series for younger fans new to Pokemon. Which is fine, but what about the old fans? I remember watching the first seasons when it was all fresh and the trials were always different. After Johto though, the spirit of the show kind of dwindled away for me. Things started to get repetitive. How many times can Ash start in a new region and seemingly forget everything he learned in the region before?

Correct me if I am wrong, but for the veteran fans, there needs to be a change. Even if they want to continue Ash’s journey for the new fans, that would be totally acceptable. Just give the long-time viewers another option. For instance, who has not seen the anime trailer made for Pokemon Black and White 2? If they could give us a show like that, I can imagine that the Pokemon anime audience would grow. Just from that five minute trailer, I for one know that I would start watching again!

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