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Pokemon has been around for a long time now, but there are still plenty of questions about the Pokemon world yet to be answered. IGN’s Audrey Drake has compiled a list of some of Pokemon’s longest standing unsolved mysteries – how can you Fly on a Pidgey anyway?

What happens to Pokémon in the PC?

According to the Pokémon games, living creatures can be transferred into a computer, stored there, and then downloaded later. How? How?! How can a living thing be turned into data? I mean, is it still alive? What happens when you “release” it? Is that a nice way of saying “delete”? Do digitized monsters still get hungry? Is it like Tron in there or something? If so, whoa!

What do people eat in the Pokémon universe?

Are they all vegetarian, or… do they do the unthinkable? Do some people go Farfetch’d hunting? That’s wrong, folks. It’s wrong! And is there a Miltank ranch somewhere where they all line up for the slaughter? I don’t remember passing through those towns on my journey to Victory Road.


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