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Hello and welcome to the results of the first Collector’s Corner Survey! This time we asked Pokemon fans to share their favourite piece of Pokemon merchandise. PE2K’s forum members stepped up to show off their most treasured Pokemon possessions and today we have collected some of their answers, along with some extra information about these special items.

If you would like to share YOUR favourite Pokemon merchandise, you can do so in our discussion thread on the PE2K forum!

“What is your favourite piece of Pokemon merchandise?”

iApollo said:

I have one of these classical Pokédexes, I used to love mucking around with it, looking up all the stats and information on my Pokémon figures. (:


The classic PokeDex by Tiger Electronics was released back in 1998 and features descriptions, moves, stats and charming animations for each of the 150 original Pokemon. You can also make lists of your favourite Pokemon for easy reference. This item is modelled on Ash’s original Kanto PokeDex.

Typhlosion Explosion said:

Mine would DEFINITELY be my Typhlosion plush! I took it to California with me, and I take it everywhere else I go that’s far away!


This Typhlosion plush was made by Banpresto in 2010 to celebrate the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver. It also happens to be the only official Typhlosion plush in existence. Meganium and Feraligatr plush were also made in a similar style.

3mod0ll said:

Probably my stack of Strategy Guides. :I I’ve drawn all through them, jotting notes down, putting checks near items on a route that I’d picked up, etc.


Strategy guides have been available for Pokemon games since Red and Blue. More recently, special limited Collector’s Edition guides have been made for Pokemon Black and White and the upcoming games Black and White 2.

Obliveon said:

I have 4 items that tie for my fave.

  • Some old Pokemon figures that were actually cake toppers at one time. I have two sets of them, so there are 2 Charmander and 2 Pikachu. It makes me remember all the fun I had on my birthdays when I was little.
  • Those keychain figures that had keychains screwed into the backs of their heads and came with a little pokeball they popped out of. So shiny. ^^ [even if I did lose the pokeball]
  • An around 2 foot tall Charmander plushie [seriously it goes up to about my knee]. I love it because it’s pretty much life size and so fun to hug.
  • A Pikachu shaped cakepan with all the details. BEST. CAKE. EVER.


Pokemon keychains inside Pokeballs were some of the first Pokemon merchandise to be released. The PokeBalls open by pressing a button on the front, just like a real Pokeball! The first Pokemon made in this style were Pikachu, Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Blastoise and Poliwhirl. Pokemon/PokeBall keychains have proven to be very popular and have been released for Pokemon in every generation.

k_pop said:

This was once my favorite. I had to find that pic online since mine no longer exists in one piece. -_- It was my favorite because my brother, who started me into Pokemon, got it for me. It sat on my bookshelf for a few years…before it fell. The pokeball broke in two and the dog ate Plusle and Minun. >.< I still have the pokeball halves. Can't bring myself to throw them out.


These PokeBall Christmas decorations have been made for Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Skitty and of course, Pikachu. They were released during the Hoenn era so it is interesting that the Kanto starters were included.

Next, we’re asking fans “What Pokemon item do you wish you owned?” Is there something awesome you’ve seen that you wish you could add to your collection? Maybe it’s a plush of your favourite Pokemon, a special console or just something cool! Share your thoughts in our discussion thread now and your answers may be featured in our next survey! Until next time!

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