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Clay’s back again as the 5th Gym Leader of Unova in Driftveil City. His Gym has changed a lot since Black/White. He has 5 teams: 1 for Normal mode, 1 for challenge mode, and 3 for the Pokemon World Tournament (which will be covered later).

Normal Mode

  • Krokorok lv31 (Crunch, Sand Tomb, Bulldoze, Torment)

  • Sandslash lv31 (Crush Claw, Bulldoze, Fury Cutter, Rollout)
  • Excadrill lv33 (Slash, Metal Claw, Rock Slide, Bulldoze)

Challenge Mode

  • Krokorok lv34 [Sitrus Berry] (Crunch, Torment, Bulldoze, Sandstorm)

  • Sandslash lv34 (Bulldoze, Crush Claw, Hone Claws, Rock Slide)
  • Onix lv34 (Explosion, Bulldoze, Rock Polish, Rock Slide)
  • Excadrill lv36 [Sitrus Berry] (Slash, Bulldoze, Metal Claw, Rock Slide)

Defeat him and receive the Quake Badge and TM78 (Bulldoze), $3960 (Normal Mode)/$8640 (Challenge Mode). The members on his team know Bulldoze. Bulldoze inflicts damage and lowers your speed.

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