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Skyla is back once again as the 6th Gym Leader in Unova. Her Gym is still in Mistralton City and she still uses Flying-type Pokemon. However, the design has changed a lot. Instead of using cannons, you now have to fight against the wind in order to reach her. Skyla has 4 teams: 1 for Normal Mode, 1 for Challenge Mode, and 2 for the Pokemon World Tournament (which will be covered later).

Normal Mode:

  • Swoobat lv37 (Heart Stamp, Acrobatics, Attract, Assurance)

  • Skarmory lv37 (Air Cutter, Agility, Steel Wing, Fury Attack)
  • Swanna lv39 (FeatherDance, Roost, BubbleBeam, Air Slash)

Challenge Mode

  • Swoobat lv40 (Psychic, Energy Ball, Acrobatics, Attract)

  • Skarmory lv40 [Sitrus Berry] (Aerial Ace, X-Scissor, Agility, Steel Wing)
  • Sigilyph lv40 (Psychic, Hypnosis, Air Cutter, Flash Cannon)
  • Swanna lv42 [Sitrus Berry] (Roost, FeatherDance, Surf, Air Slash)

You get the Jet Badge and TM62 (Acrobatics). You will also receive $4680 (Normal Mode)/$5040 (Challenge Mode). Acrobatics does more damage if the user isn’t holding items.

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