recently interviewed Seth McMahill, the assistant manager of product marketing at Nintendo, who is exclusively involved with the localisation and marketing of Pokemon games. In the interview, McMahill explains why he believes Pokemon Black and White 2 were developed with older fans in mind.

McMahill admitted: “Pokémon fans, in the past, always had to deal with what we call ‘grinding the grass,’ where after you get around to beating the Elite 4, it’s like, ‘What we do now? Keep going through that, or go fight in the grass where characters are 20 levels below?’”

He continued: “But this time around, this is a sequel. And all the core fans knew about [EVs and IVs] already. They’ve been talking about it constantly, and it was a big part of Pokémon. And although it was in the undercurrent before as you mentioned, this time we decided, let’s bring it out into the open. Let’s open up the complexity of Pokémon for people who want it.”


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