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English names for some of the characters and places in Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 have been confirmed.


  • Kyouhei, the male player character, is now named Nate.

  • Mei, the female player character, is now named Rosa.
  • Banjirou, Alder’s grandson, is now Benga.
  • The Dark Trinity is now named the Shadow Trinity.


  • Castelia Sewers, Marine Tube, Plasma Frigate, and the Seaside Cave keep their original names.

  • Seigaiha City is now named Humilau City.
  • Yacon Tunnel is now Clay Tunnel, named after Gym Leader Clay.
  • Heart Cave is now the Cave of Being.
  • Oath Forest is now the Pledge Grove.
  • Relic Path is now the Relic Passage.
  • Stranger’s House is now the Strange House.

Sources: PokeJungle, PokeJungle

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