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Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda has been doing the rounds lately, giving interviews on all aspects of Pokemon Black and White and their upcoming sequels, which will be released outside Japan next week.

In this recent interview with Gamesutra, he speaks about how communication is the core of Pokemon games and how Black and White 2 expand on this idea, with their new theme of ‘resonance’.

When you sit down to plan a new PokĂ©mon game, what’s the first thing that you consider? What is the most important consideration?
JM: In the very beginning, we come up with a theme for the games first. For example, in Black Version and White Version, we had the theme of two opposite extremes — black and white. And when developing Black 2 and White 2, Mr. Unno was the director, and he came to me asking about what we should do for the theme, and he suggested the theme of resonance.

And when you decide a theme, it becomes a lot easier to really figure out what the direction of the game is going to be; it becomes a lot easier to start designing from that, beginning of deciding what the theme will be.

Read the rest of the interview at Gamesutra.

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