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Yep, it’s time for some random facts about our beloved Pokemon games! First up: Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue.

Did you know…?

  • …that Pokemon Red and Green were the first Pokemon games in Japan and were released in 1996?

  • …that Pokemon Blue was released just a few months after Red/Green were available in Japan?
  • …that Pokemon Blue was only released to people in Japan who were subscribed to CoroCoro?
  • …that Pokemon Blue was also the first “third version” of Pokemon?
  • …that the main characters’ (Red and Blue) default Japanese names include Satoshi and Shigeru (Satoshi Tajiri & Shigeru Miyamoto respectively)?
  • …that there originally was a female protagonist, along with promo art, but she was scrapped and re-designed to be the female protagonists of Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?
  • …that the games introduced the original 151 Pokemon (including Mew)?
  • …that Red and Blue became the best-selling RPG games of all time?
  • …that Red and Blue were developed by 9 team members?
  • …that the opening sequence in Pokemon Red was Nidorino vs Gengar, but in Pokemon Blue, the opening sequence featured Jigglypuff vs Gengar?

Did you know any of these?

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