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This is it, October the 6th! The light roleplaying adventures Gotta Catch ‘em All Gold and Silver Versions are live!
Chrome Clan (representing silver), true to their power hungry reputation, aims to take control of the Spear of Arceus. Opposing them is the Tyrant Clan (representing gold), who is now rushing to make sure the Spear doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Conflict looms on the horizon…
What is the Spear of Arceus? Is there something larger at play? No, the real question here is, which team will YOU choose? The adventure is but a click away!
Want to join Tyrant (the golden team)? The link is here!
Chrome (the silver team) more your style? Click here!
*To commemorate this event, a Johto starter giveaway will be hosted soon. Check back for addition information!
The awesome flags were made by Pe2k’s talented 5TailedDemonLizard!

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