Nintendo Life has taken a look at some of the strangest Nintendo inventions which have been initially tested out using the Pokemon brand. Anything new that Nintendo develops is likely to get a Pokemon spin, due to the selling power of Pikachu, but many of these one-of-a-kind products were only ever released in Pokemon style. The history of some of Nintendo’s more bizarre inventions is reviewed in this article, from Hey You, Pikachu! to the Pokemon Dream Radar.

Hey You, Pikachu!
In this Nintendo 64 cult “classic”, Pikachu returns. Or perhaps Pikachu Strikes Back would be more appropriate. While we’re on the Star Wars title kick, let’s just call it Revenge of the Pikachu and be done with it. Interacting directly with everyone’s favourite electric mouse was a dream shared by millions, and thanks to Nintendo’s Voice Recognition Unit (VRU), that dream became reality — in theory. Extending from one of the controller ports, the microphone was topped with a fuzzy yellow ball like an unappealing scoop of Styrofoam ice cream. This is the only product outside of Japan to make use of the VRU; you can probably guess why.

The idea was to guide Pikachu through his daily routine using a set of voice commands, but the dear little fellow’s inability to distinguish between the phrases “eat it” and “Magnemite” curdled away every last drop of charm. Mini-games became one-sided shouting matches, whether Pikachu was babysitting fellow Pokémon, swinging at a piñata or toddling through any number of simple tasks. Incredibly rumours of a 3DS remake still persist, proving once and for all that people are nuts.


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