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In celebration of Pokemon Black/White 2, animal rights group PETA released “Pokemon Black and Blue” – a parody game with the tagline “Gotta free ‘em all”.
Pokemon Black and Blue has players embody Pikachu as he fights against trainers for liberation as what PETA sees as a ‘torturous, imprisoned life’. The parody demonstrates that while it’s terrible to punch, kick, cut or hit fictional animals, it is perfectly acceptable to electrocute humans. Also, words can apparently hurt just as much as a quick attacks and hugs.
Playing the game through, you battle trainers including: Cheren, Professor Juniper, Ghetsis and in your final match, Ash himself. After beating each trainer, you unlock a treasure chest which has a prize inside.
The first prize includes a video on Animal rights.
The second prize is a wallpaper of the game:

The third prize is trading cards including the Pokemon you recruit as Pikachu as well as trainer cards of the “evil” trainers you verse:

You can play the parody Pokemon Black and Blue here.
For an article about PETA attacking Pokemon for promoting animal abuse, click here.

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