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With Pokemon Black/White 2 here, or maybe a few days away if you live in the UK or Australia. What better time is it to read up the Pokemon Dream Radar?
The Pokemon Dream Radar is a downloadable game for the 3DS, and if you want to get the most out of your newest quest in BW2 to “catch em’ all”, then you might want to give this title a try. The Pokemon Dream Radar is more of a tool then a game. Using the 3DS Camera, the game makes it appear that ‘dream clouds’ have entered the room you are playing in, and then tasks you with shooting them. Some of these clouds reward you with items, or even Pokemon, which you can then transfer to your Black/White 2 game.
Of course, like anything, there are some restraints to ensure you cant fly through the game too quickly meaning you will obtain lots of Pokemon. Once you clear the screen of all the dream clouds, you have to wait until new ones appear. One good thing is, you can refill the game with clouds by spending Play Coins, 5 to be exact. (Play Coins are a form of currency on the 3DS that you gain by walking around in real life).
Lucky for you guys, I’ve found a lovely article that has put together some tips for getting the most out of the Pokemon Dream Radar.

1. Play the Pokemon Dream Radar before starting Pokemon Black/White 2.
You can catch certain kinds of Pokemon with the Dream Radar, including some rare Pokemon. You can transfer your captures to Black/White 2 where they will show up in your PC. All Pokemon caught in the Dream Radar are level 5. If you play the Pokemon Dream Radar from the start it means that you can assemble a great team from the very beginning of your adventure.
2. Focus on Scope Upgrades.
You can collect dream orbs from the dream clouds. These ‘dream orbs’ can be used to purchase a variety of upgrades in the Development Lab. You should use these upgrades to improve your scope. The scope increases the number of dream clouds that appear during a single play session, this means that there will be an increase in the rate at which you collect more orbs and more Pokemon.
The other upgrades at the lab help make capturing Pokemon easier. Don’t worry about spending orbs on other upgrades until the scope has been maxed out.
3. Play on a swivel chair.
It is suggested that you play the Pokemon Dream Radar by standing up, holding your 3DS in front of you, turning your whole body to find the clouds to shoot. Instead, play on a swivel chair. This way, you can spin around while sitting.
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