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The newest Pokemon Global Link promotion has gone live for English games. Two Keldeo C-Gear skins are now available and can be unlocked by visiting the Promotions page of the Global Link. The Ordinary Forme Keldeo C-Gear skin can be unlocked for Black and White games using the password KELDEOCGEARBW, while the Resolution Forme Keldeo C-Gear skin can be unlocked for Black 2 and White 2 games with the password KELDEOCGEARBW2. You must have the relevant game registered to the Global Link to access these promotions. The C-Gears can be unlocked until January 17th.

The next set of Pokedolls for October has also been revealed, and this time Black Kyurem, White Kyurem and Meloetta are featured. The password has been sent to your Trainer Club Mail Box and is CATDFYH. The dolls can be unlocked via the Promotions page and will then be available for free from the Dream Catalogue. A Pikachu Pokedoll can also be unlocked for your Dream World house using the password RAPDRA on the Promotions page. These promotions end on November 15th.

Finally, a number of new Pokedolls have been added to the Dream Catalogue including Duskull, Mismagius, Gengar and Litwick.

Note: The Klink C-Gear, September Pokedoll set and Porygon PGL promotions have been extended until October 18th.

Source: Pokemon Global Link,

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