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Just how dangerous is Pokémon fighting?

Recently, animal rights group PETA put out an interactive flash game speaking out against Nintendo’s Pokémon series, officially standing against Pokemon capturing, training, and battles. While many poked fun at this and highlighted it as an example of PETA being out of touch, it definitely got us thinking: if Pokémon were real, why wouldn’t this conversation come up more? Should Pokemon fighting be banned?

On the tree-hugging, puppy petting, Team Plasma-supporting side is Hollander Cooper (2-1-0), who believes that we should all just hold hands and stop forcing fire-breathing monsters to murder each other. On the animal cruelty, dog-fighting side is Henry Gilbert (0-2-0), who maintains that we should stick by the old ways and enjoy watching animals electrocute each other.


Cooper says, “Pokémon training is inhumane.”

Cooper: Before you’re able to battle your pets (which I’ll get to later), you need to train them, an act which is remarkably cruel and unusual. In order to get them more powerful you need to force them to fight hundreds of battles, pump them full of rare candies (which have proven to be bad for Pokémon health), and force them to spend a majority of their time in small, cramped balls. This is disturbing, and shouldn’t be allowed.

Henry: First off, on more than a few occasions Pokémon are able to accompany their trainers outside the ball. But even if they don’t, there’s been no proven correlation between a Pokémon’s happiness rating and the time they spend inside a ball. And compared to the dangers they may face in the wild, I would suspect some Pokémon find the Poké Ball preferable.

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