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Battle the top 4 finalists from each 2012 Pokemon Video Game World Championships Age Division in Pokemon Black/White 2.
The Pokemon Company International announced today that the top 4 finalists from each 2012 Pokemon World Championships age division will be the basis for the Pokemon World Tournament distribution events beginning October 22nd via Wi-Fi Connection.
In these events, Pokemon Black/White 2 video game players will be given the opportunity to battle Pokemon Teams used by:

  • Masters Division World Champ: Ray Rizzo
  • Senior Division World Champ: Toler Webb
  • Junior Division World Champ Abram Burrows

Below is the full list of finalists from the 2012 Pokemon World Championships who will be featured in the upcoming Pokemon World Tournament distribution events, including each finalist’s in-game Trainer name.

2012 Junior Division Challenge (Distribution begins October 22 via Wi-Fi)

  • Junior Division World Champ Abram Burrows as World Champ Abram
  • Junior Division Runner-up Brian Hough as World Runner-up Brian
  • Junior Division 3rd Place Finisher Brendan Zheng as World Finalist Brendan
  • Junior Division 4th Place Finisher Kippei Takaki as World Finalist Kippei

2012 Senior Division Challenge (Distribution begins November 5 via Wi-Fi)

  • Senior Division World Champ Toler Webb as World Champ Toler
  • Senior Division Runner-up Jaime Martinez Alonzo as World Runner-up Jaime
  • Senior Division 3rd Place Finisher Nitesh Manem as World Finalist Nitesh
  • Senior Division 4th Place Finisher Henry Maxon as World Finalist Henry

2012 Masters Division Challenge (Distribution begins November 19 via Nintendo Wi-Fi)

  • Masters Division World Champ Ray Rizzo as World Champ Ray
  • Masters Division Runner-up Wolfe Glick as World Runner-up Wolfe
  • Masters Division 3rd Place Finisher Abel Martin Sanz as World Finalist Abel
  • Masters Division 4th Place Finisher Joe Polkowski as World Finalist Joe

To participate in these Pokemon World Tournament distribution events, you must have a copy of either Black 2 or White 2, a system in the Nintendo DS or 3DS family, and wireless broadband internet access. You will also need to travel in-game to the Pokemon World Tournament in Driftveil City before you can participate. Players can have up to three Pokemon World Tournament distribution events saved in their game at one time.
So what are you waiting for? Get up to Driftveil City before October 22nd so you can battle teams of Pokemon which competed in the Pokemon Video Game World Championships!

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