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Now, who is this guy? He’s the 8th and final Gym Leader in Black 2 and White 2. He’s the Gym Leader of Humilau City, just a little to the north of Undella Town. He uses Water-type Pokemon and his Gym is a little…odd. In order to reach him, you have to go hop on a series of lily pads and battle a whole bunch of Ace Trainers. He has 4 teams: one for Normal mode, one for Challenge mode, and 2 for the Pokemon World Tournament which will be covered later.

Normal Mode:

  • Carracosta lv49 (Smack Down, Shell Smash, Scald, Crunch)

  • Wailord lv49 (Amnesia, Scald, Rollout, Bounce)
  • Jellicent lv51 [Sitrus Berry] (Brine, Scald, Recover, Omnious Wind)

Challenge mode:

  • Wailord lv53 (Scald, Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Earthquake)

  • Mantine lv53 (Air Slash, Ice Beam, Scald, Confuse Ray)
  • Carracosta lv53 [Sitrus Berry] (Rock Slide, Shell Smash, Scald, Crunch)
  • Jellicent lv55 [Sitrus Berry] (Energy Ball, Recover, Scald, Shadow Ball)

You’ll get the Wave Badge and TM55 (Scald) for defeating him. You’ll also receive $6120 (Normal mode)/$6600 (Challenge mode). TM55 is a Water-type move that does damage, and if the target is holding a Berry, it will burn it and the target can no longer use it.

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