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New York Comic Convention is a once a year little endeavor us anime fans go to have a little tour of. Coming from the humble beginnings of Anime North in Toronto, I had much to know about the world of conventions, especially one that’s as dominated by everything NOT anime (Thanks Fan Expo!). I was a man on a mission, on the hunt for some Pokemon. Or at least some pokemon trainers with their pokemon. Sometimes pokemon with other unrelated stuff. Nonethless, I, wielding my scythe of destruction, will forge on…on the hunt for a man named Misty.

The Jarvits Center is a rather large convention center in the heart of Manhattan. You know what? It shows. Just look at that thing!

I had heard rumours of evill festering in the land of Jarvits Center. To be honest, I think that this would be an ideal place for evil teams like Team Rocket to fester. However, I have seen a number of wild Pokemon running around, like this mudkip here. For the last time, I liek mudkip.

I spent much of my time searching far and wide, but the crowd was extremely large. In fact, it was hard to move!

Just when I thought that I was finished, Ash and Misty showed up. Got me some fresh water while I’m at it. Why Ash is adventuring with Misty again is beyond me, and why they’re here in a convention center…wait no I know this one. It’s probably Team Rocket.

So I continued on, looking for evil. At this point, I bumped into a charizard.

As to why he’s not hanging out with Ash…well that should make perfect sense. I mean, this dude never actually listens to Ash anyway, right? In any case, my journey took me to the Nintendo booth at the convention hall, where I met Elesa.

Apparently she had heard of the sinister plans that have happened during this time. It was then that she directed me towards the rack of pokemon. Looks like I hit jackpot. Pokemon trafficking.

Who did it? I don’t know, but trainer Joey helped me find this other location.

In fact, he led me outside of the convention hall, to which I was instantly enamoured with a blue-haired angel who’s wearing just 1 set of blue and white striped knee socks. And by that I mean I found this other place that Nintendo’s hosting the launch party.

Literally this place was just a warehouse with a stage popped in. They hosted some live shows there that involved playing games with fans. On the sides were areas where people can try the new games. Me? I found a Lucario.

There was also a giant Pikachu (who is not a cosplayer) around there, but Nobori, is that you? No, that guy’s probably too legendary for this place.

it was then that I had to go back into Jarvits Center. Clearly that place was not where the trafficking was happening. I went back to the Pokemon Rack. This time, I must regretfully say…Charizard is out of commission.

It was then I caught the shadow of something. I asked the local trainer there where they went!

And I caught up to them. It was…Team Aqua and Team Magma allied together? Wait that makes no sense. Like at all.

Well in any case, it looked like there wasn’t much to deal with. As soon as I saw N, I knew that he had already done the Pokemon saving.

Besides, Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy are on the case. They like literally descended upon me from the heavens at some point in time. No joke.

And finally, allow me to close by saying this: no pokemon event will be complete without Veronica Taylor. Right?

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