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Hello and welcome to another instalment of Collector’s Corner! This week we will feature some brilliant new Pokemon figures from D-Arts, take a look at some new Pokemon Center promotions and reveal the release date for the limited edition Pikachu 3DS XL in Europe. We also have a guide for buying Pokemon merchandise from Japan!

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D-Arts Pokemon figures
Some amazing new Pokemon figures from D-Arts have been revealed at Tamashii Nation 2012. The first, Mewtwo, will be released in March, 2013 for 3,990 yen. Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise figures were also on display.


New Pokemon Center merchandise
The next few Pokemon Center promotions have been revealed on the official Japanese website. First, a special line of cute, pink themed make-up/jewelery items will be available from November 3rd. The line includes bags, nail polish and jewelry primarily featuring Emolga, Pikachu and Minccino.


Also happening on November 3rd is the release of New Years items. A Darumaka strap and pillow, Pokemon themed “Takarabune” ornaments and clearfiles with brand new art will be available.


Pikachu 3DS XL European release date
The limited edition Pikachu 3DS XL is now available for preorder from GAME UK. According to the website, it will be released on December 7th. If you’re after this lovely console, make sure you get in early as stocks are limited!


Now Available!

Pokemon Center Christmas Promotion
Pokemon Christmas goods were released on October 27th. This year’s promotion includes a Pikachu plush with a Santa cape, Torchic, Oshawott and Pikachu snowman plush, keyrings and a beautiful Christmas scene available on a mug, tin and plate.


TOMY Eevee plush
Eevee and evolutions TOMY plush are now available at stores throughout Japan. The plush are in a sitting pose, distinguishing them from the Pokemon Center plush to be released on November 10th. Just look at those cute little faces!


Where to buy?

Finding Pokemon merchandise that is only released in Japan can be difficult. There are two reliable, well-known online stores who purchase their merchandise directly from Pokemon Centers in Japan and make it available to fans worldwide: Sunyshore PokeMart and PokeVault. There are also a number of other options for obtaining Japanese Pokemon items as detailed below.

Sunyshore PokeMart – A place where you can order and pre-order the latest releases from Pokemon Centers in Japan. Great prices, fast shipping and a fantastic resource that all fans should be aware of. Make sure you get in early if you want a popular item as the items are picked up specially after you order and may sell out.

PokeVault – Another website providing Pokemon merchandise to fans outside Japan. Rather than pre-orders, everything shown on the site is already on-hand, meaning there’s no chance of the item you want being sold out. However, expect to pay a little more for that luxury!

PKMNCollectors@LiveJournal – A Pokemon collecting community where fans can show off their merchandise and find all kinds of rarities being bought and sold by members around the world. You can find information about all kinds of Pokemon merchandise here.

Yahoo! Japan – A fantastic place to find all kinds of rare merchandise, however, these sellers only ship to Japan. You will require use of a “middleman” service to purchase items. If you’re after something super rare, this is your best bet! PKMNCollectors has guides for a number of middleman services. Purchasing items in bulk is recommended as commission fees can be high.

eBay – Pokemon merchandise can be found easily on eBay, with many Japanese sellers owning accounts. When purchasing from eBay, you must be aware of unofficial items or bootlegs. If the price of an item seems too good to be true, the advertisement uses stock images and/or the seller’s location is China, then the item may be a bootleg. Check the seller’s feedback before bidding to get an idea about whether they sell legitimate items. If even one of the items they have for sale is a bootleg, it’s likely that the others are too. Tutorials about identifying bootlegs can be found here.

Until next time!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned to PE2K for the latest coverage of Pokemon merchandise releases!

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