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J-Z-A Tank Beats Everything

Choosing your Pokemon is hard.

You only have six slots and therefore a maximum of six members on your team at any point in time. Which Pokemon you choose to train and use can determine how difficult your journey is.

Sometimes we choose because we want to be stronger. Sometimes we choose because we want our favorites.

And sometimes we choose… because we have no other choice.

Enjoy your Monday Laughs!

Editor’s Picks

J-Z-A (Above) – Tank Beats Everything.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tales – “You should worry about yourself, Hun…”

Reign: A Pokemon Black Nuzlocke – “If this is your best, I hardly need Reshiram, do I?”

Drawn Pokemon Comics

Black Adventures – “I’ve done nothing wrong!”

Brawl in the Family – Dark Jigglypuff.

CSImadmax – “I demand you free any poor creature you captured using those cursed ba-”

Dorkly Comics – “At last. A place where it’s safe to raise my child.”

Funeral of Hearts – “Besides, if we manage to kill some of them accidentally, we’ll make the contagious risk decrease and…”

Ghost’s Tale: A Crossover – “No, you may not use her for your research.”

Himanuts – “… he just kept standing there, looking at it.”

JHall Pokemon – “I love being an ice trainer.”

Mokepon – Grass Hogger!

PMD: Victory Fire – “You quit it.”

Pokemon Beta – “No… he’s an enemy!… Traitors of Pokemon kind!”

Pokemon: Bond of Hearts – #103 – I Will Slash You.

Pokemon Break! – “Seriously, be quiet! Someone is coming!”

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Adventurers of Light – Soft Fur Shipping?

Pokemon no Rakuen – “That guy with the scary kid is here!”

Shinka: The Last Eevee – “Gentlemen, stop!”

Stuff of Legend – “I’m practically Fire Proof you know!”

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Thyme – “Heh, it’s just like magic!”

Nuzlocke Pokemon Comics

Hidden Strength – “I just don’t want anyone to get killed, okay?”

Jet’s Black Nuzlocke – “Hello, Burgh. Suffering from artist block again so soon?”

Ken’s FireRed Kick@$$ Mode – “Don’t take that from them, Jefe!”

Kit’s Platinum Nuzlocke – “Now get out of the way so the big kids can play.”

NuzRooke – “You’re a bitter little kid who doesn’t have ANYTHING in life!”

Pi and Pea’s Nuzlocke Adventures – “I hate you sometimes.”

Pokemon: Hard-Mode – “Yeah, yeah… we heard you the first time.”

Shiro’s Pokemon Adventure – “I got your call. Let’s battle!”

Pixel Pokemon Comics

Losers’ Nuzlocke Challenge – “I’m so lonely.”

Pebble Version – “You see, I have a hard time sleeping when I’m really sore or bruised…”

Pokemon Warpers – “Sorry about him… He’s just a miserable bugger…”

Pe2K Pokemon Comics

Jentoh Adventures“Looks like your Monferno couldn’t stand the power of nature!”

Pokemon: Chapaz Region“Pokemon were made for tools of war.”

Pokemon: Graneria Journey“These kids seem pretty green… I could use them as a distraction…”

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