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Spooktastic events have come to PE2K’s very own Wi-Fi League! A League where no EV (Effort Values) or IV (Individual Values) are allowed! Pick your starter Pokemon and travel the Celestia Region with a friend or alone. You can challenge tough gyms, battle casually, or even participate in our events! All you need is a copy of Black, White, Black 2, or White 2 with working Wi-Fi to play!

Now, in the Wi-Fi League, you’ll find some Trick or Treating going on! A mysterious girl will ask you, “Trick or Treat?” and you’ll receive random things based on your answers. Who knows what it could be? Maybe a curse? Maybe some stars? Maybe a Pokemon? You’ll have to play to find out! Other events hosted in the Wi-Fi League are Pokemon Swarms, which are Ghost and Dark typed Pokemon appearing all over Celestia! They’ll pull your hair, scare you out of your socks, or even want to battle!

Current Events in the WFL include a Halloween Auction. Three Pokeballs with unknown Pokemon inside are put up for auction. Only if you can figure out the clues can you figure what Pokemon there is! Even if you manage to solve a tricky clue, the Pokemon inside are still random! Outbid your fellow members to obtain the Pokemon inside! The Auction can be found Here!

The last event includes a Pokemon Costume Contest! Dress up one of your own Pokemon in the WFL, whether it be through spriting or hand-drawing, and show it to the world! Runner-Up will receive a Dusk Ball, and the winner receives an awesome prize that can’t yet be revealed! All entrants will receive 5 stars!
Some of our contest entries include:




The Costume Contest can be found Here!

Events will last from October 31st to November 4th, so be sure to sign-up now! Click here to sign-up! Best of luck to all participants!

Credit for the image goes to Pokemon International

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