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A return from break got me to bring you a special picture. This little guy joined me for breakfast at the beach! However, I’m not too sure that Wailmer care much for cereal. Oh well, onward we go.

Coming from the seaside makes me think of Water Pokémon. Has anyone else ever wondered why certain Pokemon still look like they are swimming when you are on land? When you encounter them on the water, yes, that makes sense. And sure, there are a lot of Water-types that are quite mobile on land, if not a little awkward. But, when a trainer sends a Wailord out in the middle of the desert, it still paddles its fins majestically…in mid-air. Quite an unusual encounter. Now, you can tell me that creating a separate sprite on land would make things more complicated than they needed to be and would result in the reverse being done for land Pokemon in the water. I know all this, and still find that sight strange even after playing for eleven years.

Surely I am not the only one who have ever been in the middle of a battle and wondered about this. That kind of thing seems difficult not to wonder about. Now, this is not to say that I am in search of a plausible explanation for why the Water Pokemon in a game are able to float in mid-air without a levitate ability, because that would just be silly.

Unless of course, you have a plausible explanation about how Water Pokémon float in air. Then I’m all ears!

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