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Pokemon Utlra RPG

The Pokemon Ultra RPG (URPG), a community game based on the Pokemon gameboy titles, has recently opened its new Art Gallery section.

This art section will allow Pokemon Trainers to capture Pokemon using their artistic talents. Essentially, to catch a Pokemon, an artist must create one or more pieces depicting the intended Pokemon. Higher quality submissions have a greater chance of resulting in a successful capture.

Now that the section is open, it’s time to begin our adventure. I’d like to encourage our talented members to take a look in the Art Gallery and submit a few pieces. Who knows? Perhaps you might just be able to catch the Pokemon you’ve long waited for. I believe in you and the Curators will help you every step of the way.

The Art Gallery joins four other established URPG Sections: Battles, Stories, National Park, and Contests. Previously, the only way to obtain Pokemon in the URPG was via story writing, roleplaying, mart purchases, or special events.

If you’re interested in joining the Pokemon Ultra RPG, check out the Getting Started thread on Pokemon Elite 2000. Additionally, the URPG has branches on Bulbagarden and Petalburg Woods Network.

Pokemon Ultra RPG Art Gallery:


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