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Wired Reporter Andy Robertson takes a look into the Pokemon: Typing Adventure game and what one mother thinks about its impact on her children.

The game offers a variety of Pokemon themed challenges. These are access via a map over-world that it cleverly navigated with the keyboard — as if you are tapping out a trail for your character to follow. Along the way you discover all manner of different Pokemon and, inevitably, try to type them in record fast time.

As you play through the game the difficulty starts to ramp up. What starts off with single finger tip tapping soon develops into a challenge that requires you to use all fingers and thumbs. With 60 courses to unlock there is plenty to discover and there are side quests that focus on particular typing skills and certain areas of the keyboard.

Perhaps the best test of an edutainment title is that it serves both the game franchise and the educational requirements. As you can see with our test family this became a nice introduction to the wider world of Pokemon. Although they had not previously played they were keen to play Pokemon White/Black 2.

The game recently launched in Europe on September 21.
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