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O’Dell Harmon of Game Informer has put together a list of the Top 50 Pokemon of all time, based not only on their battling merits, but on the games, anime and Pokemon folklore as well. So which Pokemon made the cut?

#50: Cubone

We start off the list with a Pokémon that makes it just because of its back story. Every Cubone wears the skull of its deceased mother, and even though they’re small, they have an unbreakable spirit.

#49: Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff has gained popularity through the anime and has been a main stay in Smash Bros. since the first game. With an unforgettable sing attack that only a Pokémon with Soundproof can seem to escape, this balloon Pokémon charms its way onto the list.

#48: Crobat

The first competitive battler on the list, Crobat is one of the fastest Pokémon in the game. The fully evolved Zubat will not sweep any teams, but is a reliable choice when you need poison and speed.


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And which Pokemon is #1?! It had to be…

#01: Mew

We have had Pokémon that can control time, destroy mountains, use remarkable psychic abilities, and form the universe, but none of them compare to the great ancestor of all living Pokémon: Mew. The original greatest mystery still lives; no one knows where or how Mew came to be, just that it contains the DNA of every living species on the planet. Arceus may be all-powerful, but it’s nowhere near as mystical as Mew. This Pokémon can learn every TM in the game and has the ability to transform into any Pokémon at any time. Known to be extremely playful and childlike, only one with a pure heart will ever have a chance to see this wonderful Pokémon.


Do you agree with this Top 50? Was your favourite Pokemon included?

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