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We started with 151. Over the years that number has grown massively, leaving us with a current total of over 600 Pokemon, with more to come!

Are there really too many Pokemon? Chance Asue of Gaming Illustrated thinks so. How many different creatures can there be before catching ‘em all becomes an overly monotonous and uninteresting task?

“To this day, gamers who grew up with Red or Blue can name the original 150 (151 if we count Mew) completely from memory, a feat that seems unfeasible with the current count, not only due to overwhelming number but also from the substantial forgetfulness permeating the new designs. Perhaps I were born into a later generation, I could play with and love over 600 PokĂ©mon despite their faults, but I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that these games aren’t made for me anymore. These creatures aren’t meant to entice me to purchase the latest version and trade with my friends. I have never and will never outgrow PokĂ©mon, but PokĂ©mon has outgrown me.”


Read the rest at Gaming Illustrated.

What do you think? How many Pokemon is too many?

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