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On Bulbagarden, there is a thread where users get to caption the screenshots from the Pokemon anime. Every week, there will be five picks from the thread for your enjoyment. All captions will credit to the original users who made those captions. I am merely showcasing some of the captions they made. If you are on Bulbagarden, you could give them your thanks for the laughs. I do not take credit for their captions.

Ash: Hey. Hey, Krabby!
Krabby: Yes…
Ash: Hey, hey Krabby, you’re hanging on the ceiling!
Krabby: (He’s so stupid…)

~ Continent Turtle


Bianca: You… you’re breaking up with me?! But why?! We were so
good together…!
Georgia: What the….? We were never a couple in the first place!!

~ Silverwydne


Ash: “What are you doing?”
Cilan: “I am making love with my only and truest love!”
Ash: “Wow! So, that’s how you do it…”

~ martianmister


Stephan used Leaf Blade!
But it missed!

~ TPrower & Mucrush


Stephan: Hey hey! What’s happenin, guys?!
Cilan: Uh, nothing much really.
Burgundy: Yeah. just hanging… (Who IS this guy, Cilan?)
Cilan: (Don’t ask me, just smile and maybe he’ll leave… )

~ TPrower


Thanks for reading.

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