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Generation 6 is on the horizon, and with it, a multitude of new Pokemon. Some fans are excited, others apprehensive. Can they really come up with another batch of interesting Pokemon? After some of the absurdities of generation 5 (ice cream, anyone?), should we be afraid of what they’ll come up with next?

Not according to Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku, who believes Pokemon designs have only gotten better since their humble beginnings in Generation 1. 

“But most of all, my issue with the original 151 is that they’re too analogous to creatures we’re well-acquainted with in real life: the pigeon, the snake, the bat, the starfish, the dog, the cat. Just to name a few. There’s nothing noteworthy about being safe when it comes to a design, I don’t think. Though admittedly, there are some basic concepts that repeat from game to game: every generation will have a creature similar to Pidgey, for example.

“Still, newer generations forced Gamefreak to get creative, to create things that made people pause, raise eyebrows, if not laugh at the absurdity of what they came up with. These reactions aren’t a bad thing in my books, they’re definitely preferable to something boring.”


Read the rest at Kotaku.

What do YOU think? Are newer Pokemon more interesting than the first generation Pokemon?

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