in X and Y by Digital

Hello everyone, the name is Digital and I’m going to be adding some speculation towards the following two topics. The location of the game and the title ‘Pokemon X and Pokemon Y’. Firstly, lets look closely at the start of the film.

Here we can see tower which resembles the Effiel tower in Paris, France. Below the tower, you can also see the gardens that surround the tower, similar to the gardens in Paris.  Looking at this image it shows that there could be a chance that the new generation towns or cities, are based on European cities. If we continue through the video, we can see that the electric sparks disperse from Northern Europe.

This backs up the evidence of the new generations maps and cities, to be based on European cities and landmarks.  However I feel that the Pokemon games are not quite finished with Unova, based on the footage shown from the video. This picture below shows a statue of a Trainer with the Pokemon, Golurk and Palpitoad. The battles between the Pokemon also showed us what the new battling system was like, however it also showed us that you cannot just capture new Pokemon, but also old Pokemon. I also did pick up that there were a lot more Unova Pokemon compared to other Generations, with both Patrat and Purrlion appearing.

There is one more part of the video which leads me to think that the games are not quite finished with Unova, as they included the two badge statues when you enter the gym building. After looking at all this footage again, I’ve started to think about a possible new¬†region on the boarders of Unova. More like what they did with Pokemon Gold and Silver, and open out Unova when you complete the game.

Lastly, I am going to speculate at the title and what it could mean. I first watched the Japanesse version and I noticed something different compared to the English version. In the title below, you can see a symbol of something which looks like a DNA strand. This DNA strand may explain the reason why the games are called Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, since there are X and Y¬†chromosomes¬†inside the human DNA. I feel that this generation might go deeper into the idea of Pokemon created by science. This could be the evil groups plan and it’s up the you to stop them. Maybe the legendary Pokemon hold the special DNA for them to complete their project.

This is the end of my little speculation. If you’ve enjoyed it feel free to join in the discussion about Pokemon X and Pokemon Y here.

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