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The first batch of generation 6 Pokemon have now been revealed. Here we take a look at some of the possible inspirations for these Pokemon.

Grass-type Starter
Chespin’s name most likely comes from the words chestnut and pine. It’s Japanese name Harimaron is based on the same things. It is a squirrel-like creature which seems to be wearing a helmet on its head made from a chestnut shell. Some people speculate that Chespin or its evolutions will have a secondary type of Fighting, Psychic or Dark, due to the moves shown in the trailer. It seems to resemble Oshawott in its pose, body style and expression.


Fire-type Starter
Fennekin is the early favourite. Its name comes from fennec fox, which it resembles and kindle. It’s Japanese name Fokko comes from fox and child. Due to the moves it uses in the trailer, some speculate that it may be a part Psychic type. Fennekin is thought to resemble a cross between Vulpix and Zorua.


Water-type starter
Froakie gets its name from frog and croak. It’s Japanese name Kermatsu is a combination of the sound a frog makes and foam. It resembles a small frog with large eyes and a cloud cape around its neck. It is though that it may be part Dark-type. It seems to resemble a pre-evolution of Palpitoad.


Legendary Pokemon X
Yet unnamed, this Pokemon resembles a deer with many, glowing antlers and X-shaped pupiles. Similarities have also been pointed out between this Pokemon and the forest spirit from Princess Mononoke, especially as Pokemon X is shown in a forest during the trailer. It is thought that it may represent life, nature or beginnings. Possible types include Psychic, Grass and Normal.


Legendary Pokemon Y
Also unnamed, this Pokemon resembles some kind of giant bird/dragon hybrid. Its underside is red and back is black with a white/grey cape. It has claws on the end of its wings and tail and Y-shaped markings on its body, which is also Y-shaped. The curved horns on its head give it an almost demonic look. Some suggest it resembles a Vermilion bird of Chinese mythology, which would associate it with the Fire-type. Dark, Flying and Dragon are other possible types. It is thought that it may represent death or endings.

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