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Already plenty of fans have started to draw up evolutions for the Pokemon X and Y starters revealed yesterday. Here we dsicsuss likely candidates and show you some of the best! Which do you think are more likely? What would you like to see each of these starters turn into?

Chespin – The chestnut chipmunk and Grass-type starter. Chespin seems like it could evolve in two different ways – into a large, heavy bear-like creature which would likely be slow and bulky or into a weasel-type creature which would be faster and more lightweight. The types predicted for this line are Grass/Fighting and Grass/Dark.

Fennekin – The mischievous fennec fox and Fire-type starter. Fennekin is expected to evolve into something majestic and graceful such as Ninetales. However, it could also go the way of Zorua and become bipedal. Early opinions suggest it will be a hard-hitter but lightweight. The types predicted for this line are Fire/Psychic and Fire/Dark.

Froakie – Froakie resembles the Seismitoad evolution line and could easily be mistaken for Palpitoad’s pre-evolution. Does that mean it’s final evolution is likely to be a large, bulky bipedal toad? Probably not. To distinguish Froakie’s evolution from the Seismitoad line, it would have to be thin, fast or a quadruped. The types predicted for this line are Water/Dark and Water/Fighting.

The fandom has also been hard at work predicting starter evolutions. Below is some of the best art from around the net. The artists featured (in order) are metalliam, nastyjungle, causeimdanjones, spyrothefox, tornaroundthedge, skulldog, ko-yuki-chan, forrestanthony, ??? and pejota1.

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