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In 1997, the gaming world was taken by storm when Red and Blue Versions hit the shelves. Since that first moment, we have been on a mission to “Catch ‘em All”. We battled our way through Red and Blue trading, evolving and even going to Nintendo events to get the rarest of the rare Pokemon.

In August of last year, two new ideas hit the staff boards of PE2K. The first one was a mega contest that would focus around a signature Pokemon. The Keldeo Invasion brought the forum together with a string of events. That was only the beginning. Meloetta would show up next, bringing a new wave of forum events to PE2K.

With the success of the Invasions a new idea was brought to the table. The event would be focused around the Shiny Charm. This item has the power to greatly increase the chance of finding Shiny Pokemon in Black 2 and White 2. The way to get it, simple… “Catch ‘em All”.

Now, we find ourselves standing at the edge of a momentous event. On February 1st, PE2K will start a giveaway event that will span through all the 5 generations of the Pokemon game series. Our mission to help you complete your Pokedex so you can unlock the Shiny Charm. Running alongside the giveaway is a new set of invasions. The first two focus on the Pokemon world’s more famous legends and two of the most popular and recognizable characters in the games’ history. The Mewtwo Invasion which will go from February 1st to February 15th and the Mew Invasion which will go from February 20th to March 6th. During these, the legendary Pokemon will be given out free to all participants.

During the the two Invasions, you will also be able to get your hands on any of the original 150 Pokemon to help complete your Pokedex, as part of the Shiny Charm event. Keep checking back for the dates and more information on each of the events that will be taking place.

To join in, participate, get help with your Pokedex and of course, get a free Mewtwo and Mew, sign up now on our forums. Hope to see you there!

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