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Shinka: The Last Eevee Leaf Blade

Sometimes we fight because we must. Sometimes we fight because we believe in a cause. Sometimes we fight to defend those we love and cherish.

And sometimes we do it to fight evil and oppose it in all its forms. Because it is right.

These are your Monday Laughs.

Editor’s Picks

Shinka: The Last Eevee (Above) – “A fair trade, wouldn’t you say?”

Ctrl+Alt+Del – “But this time we’re using THREE dimensions.”

Rare Candy Treatment – “But how do you know when I’ve completed a task?”

Drawn Pokemon Comics

Black Adventures – “I lost a dear friend that day.”

Funeral of Hearts – “PERVERT!”

Ghost’s Tale: A Crossover – “… To Fly.”

JHall Pokemon – “OK Fine.”

Mokepon – “Charmander!”

PMD: Victory Fire – “I can take you…”

Nuzlocke Pokemon Comics

Hidden Strength – “Wish me luck!”

In Black and White – “Why Now of all times?”

It’s A Hard Life – “We must all be strong.”

Nuts Lock – “I hate this weather.”

Pokemon: Hard-Mode – “Are you trying to out-kawaii me?…”

Reign: A Pokemon Black Nuzlocke – “Will he come after me?”

Pixel Pokemon Comics

Jo’s Pokemon Journey – “We’ll have that badge in no time~!”

Pebble Version – “This is the best TM ever!”

Pe2K Pokemon Comics

Pokemon: Chapaz Region“You won’t get away with this!”

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