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Plasma Freeze

The Spring English Pokemon TCG set has been announced to be called Plasma Freeze. This set is based on the Japanese half sets, Spiral Force and Thunder Knuckle. The featured Pokemon from these sets were Deoxys EX and Thundurus EX.

Other Pokemon to be featured in this set will be Eevee and it’s evolutions that take advantage of the new Plasma mechanic introduced in Plasma Storm. Other notable EX Pokemon to be included in this set: Heatran EX, Latios EX, Latias EX, and Tornadus EX. There will also be another batch of Team Plasma Pokemon to be included in this set. This set will also introduce more ACE Spec cards along with the return of Super Energy Retrieval which hasn’t be printed since Neo Genesis.

The artwork for Tornadus EX and Thundurus EX are based on their Therian Form. The release of these two cards will mean that the Therian Forms of Kami Trio have been used in the TCG.

The name of this set could be based on the Team Plasma plot used in the Black and White 2. Also, several of the artwork used in this set featured Pokemon in frozen environments.

Plasma Freeze will be released on May 8, 2013.

Source: Bulbanews

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