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On Bulbagarden, there is a thread where users get to caption the screenshots from the Pokemon anime. Every week, there will be five picks from that thread for your enjoyment. All captions will credit to the original users who made those captions. I am merely showcasing some of the captions they made. If you are on Bulbagarden, you could give them your thanks for the laughs. I do not take credit for their captions.

Cilan: So Ash, do you want this naked photo of me?
Iris: Won’t you Ash? I know you want to… heh.

~ Mucrush


Alder: Hey, honey. Ya know Brock? He’s my grandchild. My skills of course.

~ Continent Turtle


Ash: Is that sperm?

~ Force Fire


Whether near or far, kitten or cat, all obey the call of the can opener…

~ TPrower


Cilan: Hey Iris, could I borrow Axew for a couple of minutes?
Iris: Uh…why?
Cilan: Oh, no reason. No reason at all.. heh, heh, heh.
Axew: Iris, I’m scared.

~ Playerking


Thanks for reading.

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