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It may be a little bit overdue, but here are some pictures of the most awesome [Pokemon-related] WonderCon cosplayers of 2013! Also, funny thing, these “most awesome” WonderCon cosplayers actually happen to be some of the most awesome Pokemon cosplayers I’ve met; most of them displayed outstanding creativity in their costume design and concepts. You’ve waited almost a month now, so here they are:



This first guy is Sergio.


He’s dressed as Ash, but I’d like you to know him as Sergio. “Why” you may ask, “should I know this man, not as Ash, but as Sergio?” I’ll tell you exactly why you should know this man as Sergio; there’s one simple reason: Sergio is a POKEMON MASTER. I’ll give you a close up on his jacket:



Do you see that? Sergio has collected every badge from every region. Chances are, the guy’s probably caught every pokemon as well (even going through the horrible effort of trading over the Global Trade Station to get all the starters and legendaries, too). Alas, I must be done with praising Sergio and move onto our next cosplayer.



Okay, let’s start with the most noticeable thing: the illegible embroidery on his lab coat pocket; that embroidery is actually the embroidery of an Pokemon Organized Play Pokemon Professor. Pokemon Professors are referees at POP tournaments who are accredited by POP (one has to pass their exam). If you’ve never heard of Pokemon Organized Play’s Professor Program, I suggest you take a look at it through this link to the Pokemon website. Also, this particular Pokemon Professor (Let’s call him Prof. Heiter) seems to have excellent fusion experience (by the way, I’m a big fan of the spriting section on PE2K’s forum), and has managed to create a fun and cuddly 7-mon. The good Prof. also has a dual-headed Charmander/Squirtle and a Charmander/Pikachu in his pockets. With all those slightly disturbing poke-beast experiments, I hope he wasn’t the one to hand Sergio his diploma (SPOILER ALERT: In case you haven’t caught ‘em all yet, the only thing you win for doing so is a diploma)!


Now, onto the rest of our wonderful WonderCon cosplayers:



Red with a member of the Squirtle Squad!



Pikachu! (Wish I had a cool Pikachu backpack like that one…)



More Pikachu! (Wish I had a cool Pikachu like that one…)



Ash definitely wins the “Coolest Pose” award for WonderCon 2013, I should ask for action shots more often!



Rocket Grunt!



Well-armed Rocket Special Forces One-Man-Unit!*


*Oh no! I leaked the final boss of Pokemon X and Y!**





Gold! (Note, this guy was the only one dressed as Gold; cons officiallly need more Gold; Silver, while you’re at it, too)



Red, now with the latest in GameBoy Color multiplayer technology! The Link Cable will never go out of style!



[Affectionately referred to as] Hipster Ash!



Pikachu Fangirl!



ANOTHER Pikachu Fangirl!



-and to change things up a bit, the rare Pikachu Fanboy teamed up with Hilda!


That’s all for WonderCon 2013′s cosplay, folks! Thanks for reading, and, Sergio, if you’re going to any of the cons that PE2K will be at this year, make an effort to find me if you see me (I’ll still be the guy in the suit fiddling with a camera)!

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