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Guys, the Limited Pikachu Yellow Edition Nintendo 3DS XL is [almost] SOLD OUT!




This limited edition (and absolutely awesome/adorable) version of the 3DS XL was released in North America on March 24th, 2013, and they’ve finally run out of them. No noticeable stores have continued stocking them. Well, it was a “limited” release, so we should have known that they would all be gone in a month.




You could technically still get a 3DS with everyone’s favorite electric mouse plastered on the front (tail-end on the back, too) if you try hard enough, and, by “try hard enough,” I mean pay upwards of $300 for a brand new one from one of many online retailers on Amazon until they run out of those in another month, probably.


Here’s a link.


Good luck.



See? Terry Chan (who recently provided us with an interview for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: GtI at WonderCon 2013), has one. Why don’t you?

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