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This articles series examines various pokemon and strategies that can be applied to the PE2K Anime Style Battle League (ASBL or ASB). Like the Strategist’s Corner, the first article will also be on Golduck.

This Week’s Pokemon: Golduck

Abilities: Damp, Cloud Nine
Type: Water
Evolution Stage: Stage 1
Obtained By: Evolving Psyduck

Cost to Obtain: $22
Cost Effectiveness Ratio: 19.3

Note: Cost Effectiveness Ratio is calculated by multiplying the cost of obtaining the pokemon by its Average Stat Bracket. This number is then divided by the form number of the basic pokemon. For example, Golduck is the second form or its evolutionary line, it costs $22 to obtain, and its average stat bracket is 1.75. (22*1.75)/2 = 19.3

  • $12 to Adopt Psyduck at the Adoption Bureau
  • $10 to Evolve to Golduck at the Training Dojo

Not the worst cost for a pretty decent pokemon. $22 is relatively easily obtained if you don’t have a Psyduck on hand.

The cost effectiveness ratio is on the lower side, which makes it very cost effective. For its stats, it has a very good ratio, making it a powerful pokemon for its price. Some pokemon in the close range of Golduck’s cost effectiveness ratio include Camerupt, Dewgong, Donphan and Dragonite.

Golduck’s Battle Stats

Attack Bracket: 2
Special Attack Bracket: 1
Defense Bracket: 2
Special Defense Bracket: 2
Average Stats: 1.75

For it’s type, it has strong stats. While using STAB Special Moves is the obvious best choice for strategy, using Golduck as a physical attacker will also yield good results with it decent Attack stat. It can hold its own against most pokemon, though it will have some trouble fending off many pokemon with third evolution forms. Overall, Golduck is certainly a pokemon worth having in the ASBL

In terms of abilities, while Damp does prevent two incredibly powerful attacks, Self-Destruct and Explosion, those two moves are not used very often. Cloud Nine provides a better insurance as weather moves are incredibly common in the ASB when they are allowed by rules.

Well, that’s all for this update. Hope to see you all next time!

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