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Pokedex Information

Name: Sceptile

Type: Grass

Abilities: Overgrow

Evolutionary Stage: 3 (Final)


ASB Information

Cost to Obtain: $40

Cost Effectiveness Ratio: 26.67



Attack Bracket: 2

Special Attack Bracket: 1

Defense Bracket: 3

Special Defense Bracket: 2

Average Stat Bracket: 2

Sceptile, the fastest Grass starter, joined the Pokemon scene in Generation III.

It is the fastest Grass type available in the ASB, and is the only grass type Pokemon capable of learning Dragon Claw, Dragonbreath and Dragon Pulse. While the speed certainly make it a good asset in fighting fast water types, the speed comes at the price of defense. The Defense Bracket is only average, which would make it difficult to use Sceptile in a highly competitive manner.

Sceptile can, however, dish out quite a bit of damage with its high offensive stats. Not only can Sceptile make decent use of its trademark move Leaf Blade, it can also use strong Special attacks to fit with the high Special Attack Bracket that it has been placed into.

For example, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, Giga Drain and Solar Beam would all do quite a bit of damage to opponents while still making good use of both the Special Attack Bracket and the STAB bonus that Sceptile gets from these moves. Grass type moves notwithstanding, Sceptiles high Special Attack can also be used for moves such as Razor Wind, and all the Dragon moves it can learn mentioned above.

Overall, Sceptile fits in among similar Pokemon such as Houndoom (which also has identical stats), Granbull, Wailmer, Torkoal and Cacturne to name a few. This certainly puts it above many pokemon stat wise. For the cost, the stats are certainly worth the payment.

While the defensive capabilities of Sceptile are limited, this is common to speedy pokemon, which balances the offset in stats nicely. Sceptile is a hit-and-run fighter, hoping not to catch too many damaging strikes in the process. As there are few Grass type pokemon which can claim the high stats that Sceptile has, it is a nice addition to any team which is looking for grass power.

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