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Many have wondered why Nintendo hasn’t developed a massively multiplayer online game. And while Nintendo likely has a variety of reasons, Lewis B of Tap-Repeatedly takes the concept a step further with his own vision of a Pokemon MMO.

The focus of any MMOG however is primarily the game world. A vast expanse awaiting adventure, urging the player to explore and roam freely. The existing Pokémon universe is so large, made even more tantalising by Pokémon Black and White’s latest additions, it would undoubtedly be the perfect playground for budding explorers. The mixture of contrasting themes and continents is an exciting prospect, and one which would lend itself better than most current game worlds.

Water towns to tree-top jungles, volcanic ash strewn mountain ranges to cave systems, lazy villages and haunted towers. The possibilities of exploring them in a free-form open world would be unparalleled, made all the more tantalising if rendered in luscious, vivid 3D.

Unlike in the hand-held versions, Pok√©mon would roam freely around the game world, just like in Pok√©mon Snap and dependent on their character, would act accordingly to your interference. Herds of Doduo roaming grassy fields, dozens of Caterpie slinking along tree branches or Sandshrew tunnelling under your feet; the sight would be awe inspiring. Bringing what are often static MMOG game worlds to a new level of ‚Äúlife.‚ÄĚ

Fundamentally the speed of Pokémon battles would need to increase significantly. Pokémon when previously transferred to 3D has been a laborious mess that gives no sense of excitement or real control. What needs to be implemented is free control over your Pokémon, to give a true element of skill and reaction.

When taking part in a battle, whether with another player, an NPC trainer or a wild Pokémon, your character would become static after calling your Pokémon. You would then take complete control over your Pokémon after it leaves the Pokéball, with free movement equal to Guild Wars 2 (strafing, jumping, walking, crouching and rolling) allowing you as the player to dodge incoming attacks.

In game cutscenes (see Guild Wars 2, Aion or even World of Warcraft: Cataclysm) would be common place to encourage your personal story, while questing for NPCs throughout the world would replace the need to grind. If we’re being really adventurous, implementing Dynamic Events would be a trump card.

Of course this is only one fan’s vision. What features would you like to see in a Pokemon MMO?

Source: Tap-Repeatedly

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