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Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version are a little less than a month away now, and many of us already know much about this generation that is about to befall the world.

So what do you think of Pokemon Black & White? Out of curiosity, I’d like members of the forum to complete this questionaire. Not for any particular reason, just for fun!

Please PM all questionaires to BlueJello. Questionaires should be an image file (upload these using Imageshack or Photobucket) and handed in by March 6. Submitters will remain anonymous.


Simple enough, do you like the new Pokemon? In the favourites column, write the name of your favourite Gen V Pokemon!

Rinse and repeat for the other topics. Overall is for Generation V as a whole. Do you like Gen V? In the favourites column, write yes or no, depending on whether you think this region is your favourite or not.

Have fun! Post in thread if you have any questions.

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