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Hello Pokémon Trainers, and welcome to the third edition of Member Spotlight!


We, the staff here at PE2K, really love the awesome community of people we have on the forums. As a result, we want to show you all off! Today, we have an interview with our resident metal fan Tombi who has been at PE2K since 2006.



Since joining PE2K, Tombi has shown off her talents in many areas of the forum. Aside from being a metal fan, she is best known for her art, which has earned her many wins in the Member of the Year awards including Best Graphics Artist for the last two years running. Her spritework has also been recognised as PE2K’s Sprite of the Month. Tombi is also involved in writing and is currently working on Shadow End, a story based around Shadow Pok√©mon. Tombi is a fun and friendly member of PE2K, who brings her unique style to everything she does.


Art Gallery

You can view more of Tombi’s work at her gallery, Black Arts.


This week, we chatted with Tombi about music, her username and her memories of PE2K.


How’d you choose your username?

When I was younger there was a PlayStation magazine issue that I seriously wanted because it had Crash Bandicoot on the front. My parents refused to buy it cause it was expensive, so when I went to my nan a few days after, I asked her to buy it. Being adorable, she did. The Crash Bandicoot pictures and the demo disc were worth my parents rage, though, and one of the games on the demo was called Tombi!. Basically it was this little pink dude in green shorts who attacked pigs and jumped about, and it was platforming GOLD. When I got Ruby a long while afterwards, I didn’t want to use my real name and I had recently replayed Tombi!, so that’s what came to mind. I just used it when I signed up to PE2K.


How did you find PE2K?

Hmmm.. it was definitely Google. I can’t remember… I THINK I had stumbled across a Pok√©mon site with sprites on it and I searched for sprites. PE2K just came up, I guess. That makes sense, as when I first started I did practically NOTHING but sprite, I barely left that board! I was wary about joining, “STAY AWAY FROM INTERNET CHATROOMS CAITLIN” and to this day I don’t think my parents really know. xDD (Well I think my dad does. He’s called me Tombi.) But I did it anyway cause omgiwassucharebel (Editor’s Note: I believe that’s British for “oh my god, I was such a rebel”.). I had no clue how anything worked. I was 12 and it was my first ever experience of any kind of online community so I was just like ‘WHY AM I NOT ELITE TRAINER’ and ‘R8 MY TEAM!!’ Basically, I joined because there was stuff about Ruby, which I was completely and utterly in love with, and those little things called sprites.


Tell us about you and Pokémon.

That’s a really open question! I remember I was in what we English call Infant school when the anime came out. That was my first time hearing of it. I think I watched the episodes… but the trading cards, man! That was where it was at! My dad bought me the sticker album and I worked at it like a madwoman, and when I completed it, the Johto one came out! I also collected Tazos from packets of crisps, but then when I played my friend’s Red version, it took off. My other friend had Sapphire so I decided to buy Ruby after selling some cards. I was OBSESSED. I played it in the bathroom, at the dinner table, under the covers at night, everywhere! From there on I followed it. I collected Staks and Waps, cuddly toys, games, cards, magazines and figurines. I got a couple of letters published in Pok√©mon World. I was also the envy of my street as I had two shiny Charizard. PE2K just sealed my obsession for life I think, even though when I started high school I got bullied. I’ve never hid it. The kids stopped when I punched one of ‘em. (Women power!) But yeah, it’s an open, true obsession and all my friends accept it, so it’ll stay with me forever I think!


What’s your favorite thread right now on the forums?

Definitely The Merines Sign-Ups! It’s a roleplay originally started by my amazing friend Gaby, but I’ve been with it since the start in 2007, throughout all the restarts and the trilogy and all that, so we practically co-own it now. One of my life ambitions it to write a trilogy of novels based on it! It’s great to have it make a comeback, especially with fantastic contributers and players such as Neo Pikachu, ID Saraibre Ryu and Finch. It starts in a couple of days, so I’m hugely excited!!


What portions of the Pokémon franchise are you interested in?

Sadly, I bought a deck of Pok√©mon cards for the first time in about six or seven years a little while ago. I don’t collect em anymore, but I always loved them. For now, it’s just games! And, er… Stuffed toys… ahem… (Editor’s note: She got really red – like Camerupt! Take that as you will.)


What parts of the forum are you most active on?

Interactive Boards, Chat and Groups. Roleplay, fiction/fanfiction, trivia and art are frequented by me (even if it’s just browsing) and I pop in to see new threads in chat quite often. I’m a member of a couple of music-based groups, too, which I check every day.


What’s your favorite PE2K memory?

There are so many silly, funny ones, but the most wistful, nostalgic one is of 2006, when my best friend Karen (Ryenne) was on the forums. We got on like a house on fire from the word go – which is when she joined my roleplay. Just thoughts of her, and spriting, and all the old members like Snowball Sunday and xxxSakura (I love you Peony <3) make me feel really... weird. I can't explain it, haha. But it's great. If I could relive those days, I really would.


Why do you like metal?

Why do I like metal? Not something I can explain perfectly, I’m afraid, but I’ll just say that… people who see bands like Slipknot or Avenged Sevenfold and believe they represent metal as a whole, are wrong. Metal is entirely different! It’s so incredibly diverse, with so many vocal styles, instruments, heart-wrenching passages, styles, lyrics and such indescribable emotion and beauty. It’s a brotherhood, almost a nationality; you feel proud of it. You see a metalhead on the street, you check each other out, you do The Look or The Nod. At gigs, everyone’s your brother. It’s primal yet exquisite, a way of speaking out, a way of keeping all the old values of the world and discovering new talent not blinded by the need for money. I love it rather a lot.


Why do you love England? / What is your dream job? / What is your favorite video game, aside from Pokémon?

I love England basically for the same reasons I love metal! It’s so astonishingly beautiful and rural. We British are very proud people, but we can laugh at ourselves as well as others and I think we take delight in our flaws. We also spawned Tolkien, Rowling, metal and Stephen Fry, so we must be doing something right! We’re also regarded as being the country with the best comedy to ever exist. I’m just proud I guess!

My dream job is underground metal journalism.I already have contacts so I hope to do it (paid) someday!

My favourite game ever is either Spyro 2 or Super Mario Sunshine. Classic, fantastic.


If you were part of an assorted soup, what delicious ingredient would you be?

I’d be the meat. Probably lamb. Meat is manly but lambs are small, faintly ungainly and a little weird.


If you could change one thing about Pokémon, what would it be?

The ****** ice cream cone, what the eff is that.



…That’s it’s name? Are you joking? (Editor’s note: Tombi… had a fit. She broke a chair. I quickly packed my things and got out of there.)


Anything else you’d like to say?

Check out The Merines, fo’sho! Roleplay SUs or Other: Roleplay when it’s up. Also check my fanfiction Shadow End, based on the shadow Pok√©mon and dedicated to Kaze Megami!


Thanks Tombi! Check out Shadow End and drop by Black Arts! You can also sign up for The Merines in the RolePlay board.


Our next Member Spotlight will be Teo! Make sure you post questions for him to answer in the Question Submissions Thread. Until next time!

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