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In celebration of PE2K’s Twitter account finally reaching a 100 followers, it seems fitting to start a possible series of articles cover the Poke Twitterverse. So join me, Mikey, in a mystical adventure into wide world of Pokemon and Twitter.


Gym Leaders and The Elite Four. These people are famous within the Pokemon fandom as the people we have to beat in order to “win” the game. Some of them we love while others we hate with a passion.

We learn about a few of them personally, such as the fact that Clair and Lance are cousins, or if you really pay attention to your game, that Falkner and Jamine can be seen sometimes talking about their fathers to each other.

While you come to understand a bit about this group of elite trainers though the video games and the anime, you still don’t know much about them. This is where Twitter comes into play.

Gold Twitter

On Twitter there is a huge group of Twitter accounts where the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and other famous Pokemon characters have been brought to life through tweets. Of course these aren’t the actual characters but rather people acting as them. They are fun and enjoyable to watch.

For instnace, Gold (Hatcher_Gold) is a bit of a playboy that tries to chase the ladies of the Pokemon world like Marley (TrainerMarley) when he isn’t hatching eggs.

Talking about Marley, it would seem like some of the trainers that you teamed up with for wild Double Battles in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum have personalities of their own and are close to each other. Marley along with Buck (BuckAllDayLong) and Mira (MiraLovesAbra) are part of the Stats Rangers with Marley as the Black Ranger, Mira as Pink, and Buck as Red. This seems like a playful parody of the Power Rangers.

Some of these characters are based off actual source material.

Lady Platinum’s (BerlitzHeiress) personality on Twitter seems to be heavily influenced by her manga counterpart. She has hints of being high class and very seclusive by mostly talking to her Diamond and Pearl Adventures travel companions, Diamond (Hungry_Diamond) and Pearl (TsukkomiPearl). The interactions between these three characters are quiet fun and add more depth to what is seen though the pages of the manga.

Lance Winona

The best part about having all these different Pokemon character in one place is the different types of interactions between people that never have interacted with each other within the games and/or manga.

My personal favorite is the interaction between Lance (Champion_Lance) and Winona (Flyer_Winona) who are a couple in the Twitterverse. Lance is a bit of a workaholic with most of his tweets talking about doing paperwork for the Elite Four (while keeping his E4 members in line). Winona mostly tweets to her fellow Hoenn gym leaders in order to stay in touch with them.

When they are together it is very cute to watch as Winona ensures that Lance doesn’t do something like cause a power outage in the house. You can read Lance’s romantic tweets about/to Winona.

This pair may seem a bit random but if one thinks about it a bit then this could very well be possible. Both trainers share a common interest since many of their Pokemon are part flying type. This love for flying type Pokemon could have been the starting point of their relationship and eventually led to full blown love. It is possible, but even if it isn’t, the fact remains that Lance and Winona are still an enjoyable couple to watch.

These few Pokemon Twitterverse accounts that I have highlighted are only just the tip of the iceberg since there are many more I could go over such as Karen’s (BelleOfDarkness) or Gardenia (GrassLovingGirl).

Things will heat up more with the characters from Pokemon Black and White entering the Twitterverse. Currently N (PlasmaKing_N) seems to be buddies with Lance by taking him out and about.


If you have a Twitter account then these people are must-follows. Please be aware that not all of these tweets are kid friendly, but if you are okay with that then go ahead and follow some of your favorite characters from the Pokemon world. If you don’t have a Twitter account then make sure to get one now!

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