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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s a day of love and romance. And nothing says love like a Haunter draining your life essence, am I right!?

But seriously, Pokemon Comic artists don’t seem to be a very romantic lot. Enjoy your consistent Pokemon fare!

Editor’s Picks

Pokemon Zirconia (Top) – What does Navarro have up his sleeve?

A Very JHall Nuzlocke – I like how Professor Oak just tells them to go wander around the countryside. That’s just like him.

Pokeyman: Revolution – That’s just… brutal.

Drawn Comics

Just Gotta – Stay back. Wouldn’t want to accidentally behead you or anything.

Mokepon – Take it away Narrator!

Perfect Lie – A broken mirror. Ominous.

Pokemon Beta – Eugenics… this will not end well.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tales – And the chapter ends on a cliff hanger! Or should I say, lava wave!

Rare Candy Treatment – A good number of trainers seem to experience sunburns. I wonder if that’s because they are traveling a lot or because training fire Pokemon can get a little… Hot.

Shinka: The Last Eevee – I was worried for a second, but he’s safe now. Or is he?

Stuff of Legend – That cheerful scowl speaks VOLUMES.

Sprite Comics

Life as a Pokemon – Sharing Toys = Good. Sharing Umbrellas = Good. Sharing Unlimited Energy = Bad.

Pebble Version – And Seeing is half the battle! …that doesn’t even make sense!

Pokemon Edge – I just have no idea what is going on here.

Pokemon Light and Dark – But they had questions so you can’t move on!

Pokemon-X – To better question is why is the miner putting rare items in pokeballs rather than his backpack?

Pokemon Warpers – If you look at it realistically, he sounds like a crazy man talking to himself.

PE2K Comics

Jentoh AdventuresBut what happens when the grass Pokemon lose their leader?


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