Bulbanews has revealed that the Spiritomb being give away at the Oakridge Mall in San Jose is hacked. This Pokemon is being distributed along with the fully legitimate Celebi. Fans are advised to release this Pokemon if obtained.

This Spiritomb is a Level 50 Shiny Pokemon, with the Wonder Guard ability. Its moves are Shadow Force, Focus Punch, Softboiled, and Safeguard. It has Pokerus, the OT of “PKMNInt”, the ID Number being 27042. The hacked Wonder Card consists of a message saying “Pok√©mon International’s Surprise!” and a grammatically-incorrect description of:

“SPIRITOMB might be hard to hit but really packs a wallop! Its as if this Pok√©mon has a Wonderful shield around it that Guards against most attacks! SPIRITOMB is legit!”

A similiar event occured at the Nintendo World release party for Pokemon Platinum in 2009, where a hacked Eevee and a hacked Gengar were distributed.

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