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IGN recently had an interview with GameFreak’s co-owner Junichi Musada, who discusses how he feels about Pokémon Black & White, plans for the 3DS, and some more topics. Below are some highlights:

IGN: How happy are you with how Black and White were received in Japan?

Junichi Musada: Black and White was the fastest selling DS title – within a week it was 2.55 million, and on my birthday on January 12th it reached 5 million, so that was great news. There are many people who play Pokemon in Japan, and we’ve got feedback from players saying that it’s really new, but very easy to play – they seem very satisfied with it.

IGN: What do you think is Black and White’s main innovation?

Junichi Musada: One of the new elements we have introduced is the C-Gear – a device that players can check within the game. You can check wireless, wifi or infrared connectivity, and using those features there is a mode called tag mode that lets you find out who’s playing Black and White around you. This feature is a very new thing for us to introduce to the games.

IGN: What is it about Pokemon that keeps captivating new generations?

Junichi Musada: First of all, it’s accessible. The games aren’t too difficult. Also we take consideration of generations – when we create new characters, we keep the new audience in mind. Also we try to always be coming up with new Pokemon and new gameplay for players to enjoy.

IGN: Any plans for a 3DS Pokemon?

Junichi Musada: Well, Black and White has only just been released in Japan and isn’t even out yet in Europe – I hope people will play Black and White on their 3DS!

IGN: Do you have a favourite Pokemon?

Junichi Musada: I like Victini the best because it’s named after victory – it’s the Pokemon that can lead you to victory. I like that this Pokemon appeals to girls more than boys – I requested for it to be designed that way!

Source: IGN.

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