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Let me guess. You’re looking here because:

a) You’re bored.
b) You’re looking for some tips.
c) An evil pokemon has forced you into it.

Either way, you’re still reading. Let me brief you on what the article is going to be about…


Common writing mistakes that rookies tend to do
There’s a lot of mistakes that people tend to do whether it’s in fanfiction or original fiction. That goes out of the SPaG (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar) circle, of course.

Now, to begin…



A lot of rookie writers tend to be more focused on putting out the plot than actually writing a story. They just write on and on about how someone did something. No details. No descriptions. Nothing but plain, boring old writing.

Bobby Jones woke up. Bobby Jones went to have a shower. In five minutes Bobby Jones was downstairs and eating her yummy Coco-pops cereal, and then suddenly she was ready to go.


You see, you’ve just told about Bobby’s morning in what, three sentences? If you wanted to make it short why not skip the whole thing and start with Bobby Jones in the car? But then, of course, there’s the “selective crookedness” that some of them have as well.

Bobby Jones woke up, and smelt the fresh air from the garden. She went to have a shower, and afterwards she skipped down the stairs whistling ‘I know what I am’ from that Nissan ad. She ate her Coco-pops and drained down some Awesome Orange Juice, and checked herself in the mirror. After that she went out of the house.


There’s description in there, but it seems random and unrelated to the subject. There’s no feeling. But it doesn’t end here. There’s also people who just drone on about their morning for no apparent reason at all.

Bobby Jones woke up sneezing to the spring pollen in her nose. It was still really runny from before. She groaned, rolling out of her “Princess Pink!” theme bed and onto her I’m So Awesome carpet design. She hugged the soft, white material and eventually got up, stretching. Her “Princess Pink!” Pajama t-shirt rose up a little but went down when she dropped her already “Princess Pink!” manicured nails.

She hopped into the shower and blasted on the hot water, singing her “Princess Pink!” song while jumping around and slipping. She got out after some screams and ‘I BROKE MY NAIL!’ cries. Bobby Jones walked over to her closet, still in her “Princess Pink!” towel and admired her clothes.

She went through the closet, taking glances at random items of clothing and wrinkling her nose and thinking I did not buy that. Ewwww, that’s soooo horrible, Harry has like, the ugliest fashion EH-VA! She then found her “Princess Black!” skinny jeans and put them on, after pulling on a “Prince Blue!” t-shirt. She then got her “Princess Yellow!” designer bag and went down the stairs.


Do I even need to go on about her breakfast? Dear Pokemon, people! We don’t need to know what she does every five seconds. It turns people off. If you’re not convinced then try imagining listening to that friend that goes on and on and on about waffles, even though you were talking about pancakes, and you just can’t get them to shut their mouth.


Yes, you get me now, don’t you? You don’t want that.




First of all; make it eye catching. You want to pull your readers in as soon as you can and you want to make it like that. You also have to express the character’s thoughts, even if it’s in third person. In order for the readers to adjust to the characters you should write about their thoughts. First person writers, this is the easiest for you. But make sure that it relates to their personality; or at least the personality inside of them.


Secondly, you want it to have just enough detail and description but you want to keep it relevant. You don’t want to go off, unless the character rambles. And even if they do you should make a good recovery.

Bobby Jones was having a terrible day.

Why? Her morning was just disaster. Firstly, she overslept. Bobby Jones does not oversleep. She wakes up at five fifty-five sharp and gets ready by seven twenty-three.

She woke up at three minutes too early, and in her haste she was ready by seven twenty-six.

When that was over, she had to wait over an hour for her bus because it had been delayed in some accident. In the meantime her perfect, precious outfit had several crinkles from her pushing her skirt down from the wind.

Everything was disaster. The weather, the time, the roads, the world.

She knew that Mondays hated her.


There’s already several things you can pick up. Her personality focused on perfection; everything has to be right. There’s already been additional information added in (weather, bus time, accident) that can relate to something more mysterious later on. And it’s quick, short and descriptive. Of course it’s not the best but it’s a good start, don’t you think?


To end this off, here’s just a wrap up of what I’ve been rambling on about.


- Keep it nice, sharp, short and make sure it has the right amount of description.


And…that’s it. ^^ See how easy that was?

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