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Rocket Corp. scored a decisive legal victory today as the Sinnoh Regional Court ruled that the company may continue their mining operations at Mt. Coronet.

Judge Tanya Hirawa declared that while the plaintiffs, the Environmental Preservation Agency and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Pokémon (PETP), had valid concerns in regards to the potentially harmful effects of the operations, Rocket had a legal right to “conduct its government-approved business.”

Henry Gersh, Rocket’s head foreman at Coronet, said the decision was “a victory for the working man struggling to make a living in these tough economic times.”

The main controversy surrounding the legal battle focuses on Rocket’s utilization of the mountaintop removal mining technique. According to Oreburgh Gym Leader Roark, the process involves using explosives to blast up to 400 ft. off the top of a mountain, thus exposing valuable minerals that could easily be extracted.

Rocket’s main interest in the area is to mine a rare mineral known as Obsidian Foidolite Fermite (OFF). OFF is used in specialized materials known for being both lightweight and sturdy. It can often be found in complicated machinery such as those used at robotic manufacturing plants and in the rockets launched from Mossdeep City.

“While mountaintop removal mining is certainly a more efficient process than the usual tunneling efforts,” said Roark, “the potential effects it has on the surrounding area, especially on Pokémon life, could be disastrous. I would not recommend it.”

A study by United Health Services reports that the technique releases harmful substances that pollute the air and water in the immediate area, creating a health hazard. According to PETP, the removal of much of the natural environment endangers hundreds of Pokémon species and eliminates vital habitat necessary to their survival.

“It’s unfortunate that Judge Hirawa decided in favor of Rocket Corp,” said PETP President Hans Iwait. “We’ll regret all of this in the future when we realize we’ve eliminated many endangered species due to this horrific habitat destruction.”

Coronet mining operations began in April 2008, but were halted in July of that year due to the litigation. According to Rocket Spokeswoman Angela Dernai, Rocket will resume work on March 6.

Upon hearing news of the resumption, Gersh smiled.

“Looks like we’re blasting OFF again!” he said.

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